The Flower of Life - Keychain
The Flower of Life - Keychain
The Flower of Life - Keychain

The Flower of Life - Keychain


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The motif "The Flower of Life" is surrounded by the energy-intensive words of love and gratitude in German, English, Dutch and Italian. The "Flower of Life" is available in the 7 chakra colors and as a rainbow version with all chakra colors. The chic pendant has a shopping cart at the back in a magnetic holder.

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Pendant "The Flower of Life" with shopping cart chip

Water is not only vital but also an energy and information store. "The Flower of Life" has been known for many thousands of years in numerous cultures (for example, Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Japan or Tibet) as a protective energy symbol. Dr. Masaru Emoto showed with his water-crystal photograph that symbols, words and even thoughts and feelings are stored and passed on in the water. The words "love" and "gratitude" bring out the most beautiful crystal patterns. Such an informed water not only tastes better, but also has a significant impact on the health and growth of animals and plants. The motif "The Flower of Life" on this key pendant with a shopping cart is surrounded by the energy-intensive words "love" and "gratitude" in the languages ​​German, English, Dutch and Italian. "The Flower of Life" is available in the 7 chakras and as a rainbow version with all chakra colors.

Colour Chakra Task Effect
Dark red Root Chakra Self-awareness, physical will to be, needs and reality, sexuality, trust, stability, propagation Strengthens life energy and sexuality, earth connection and willpower, primal trust, relationship to the body, self-affirmation
Orange Sacral-Chakra Self-respect, creative reproduction of being, success, eroticism, joy Stimulates creativity, eroticism, appetite and digestion
Yellow Solar-plexus-Chakra Self-esteem, shaping of being, willpower, power and impotence, ambition, decision-making power Relieves emotions, alleviates depression, for processing feelings and experiences
Green Heart-Chakra Love, security, joy of life Body, mind and soul, encourages love, compassion and healing
Light blue Throat-Chakra Self-expression, being resonance, creativity, expression and language Promotes communication, self-expression and independence
Indigo Third-Eye-Chakra Self-responsibility, recognition of being, intuition, charity, spirit Invigorates charity, intuition and spirit power
Violet Crown-Chakra Self-knowledge, pure being, physical and mental development Strengthens self-realization and spiritual growth
Rainbow all the Chakras Activates and strengthens all chakras


This high-quality hand-carved is exclusively made for us. It has never been easier to combine the pleasant with the useful. The chic key pendant "The Flower of Life" has on the back a shopping cart chip in a magnetic holder. A slight pressure on the upper portion of the chip lifts it so that it can be removed. The magnet holds the chip securely in the pocket.

Gift tip:

As a personal gift, this elegant key pendant is an insider tip. What other gift do you always have with you?


Size: 7,3 x 3,3 x 0,6 cm
Weight: 41 g
Basic color of the pendant: silver
Taric: 7326909890

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