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  • What does an activated carbon filter filter out of the water?
    Published : 04/18/2022 | Categories : , Default

    The filtration of drinking water is understandably a science in itself. However, due to circumstances such as the condition of the pipes, the age of the pipes and the simple distance of the pipes from your house connection, it is quite possible that pollutants above the pollutant limit collect [...]

  • History of chlorine dioxide
    Published : 04/11/2022 | Categories : , Default

    Chlorine dioxide is something that seems rather strange at first. This is simply because the chemical name seems very technical from the first reading to the collection of information. As chemistry is one of the oldest natural sciences, it sometimes has clunky terms for things that have [...]

  • Why should you not drink unfiltered tap water?
    Published : 04/06/2022 | Categories : , Default

    Tap water in Germany is basically clean. However, this is unfortunately one of the few exceptions in the world - blanket safety in terms of drinking water is desirable, but unfortunately not realistic. That said, there is a lot of additional knowledge we want to provide you with. It is a fact [...]