What does an activated carbon filter filter out of the water?

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The filtration of drinking water is understandably a science in itself. However, due to circumstances such as the condition of the pipes, the age of the pipes and the simple distance of the pipes from your house connection, it is quite possible that pollutants above the pollutant limit collect in your water, including e.g. heavy metals, sediment & rust, as well as microplastics or drug residues. For the sake of health protection and for additional precaution, it is up to you to take care of really residue-free and clean drinking water. Activated carbon filters were designed for this purpose, as they represent a natural collection barrier. We explain how activated carbon filters work and how you can use them to get clean drinking water!

First, imagine a sponge. You probably know how a sponge works from your school days. The sponge easily absorbed the chalk particles. This is due to its porous structure, which catches small particles and flying matter. The large surface area in turn ensured that the chalk residues were distributed over the entire body of the sponge. It could then be washed out and reused. An activated carbon filter, especially the MMS Water Filter, works at least similarly. It filters out pollutants & harmful residues such as microplastics, heavy metals, chlorine compounds and pesticides. In addition to a mineral mix stage and a micro-membrane system, an above-average activated carbon block is also used. In this way, you make use of natural, chemical- & wastewater-free as well as traditional principles and benefit from the most modern technology at a reasonable price. A water filter with activated carbon works like a manual protection that you screw in front of the sink pipe or in the kitchen.

But the most important thing is that all the important minerals that support you in a healthy lifestyle and serve as the basis for a stable immune system are retained. Only what really doesn't belong in your body is filtered - but even the smallest pollutants in the nanometre range are caught! Residues in drinking water are a thing of the past, because with an innovative water filter including an activated carbon stage, you are protected and can literally drink crystal-clear water!

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