Why should you not drink unfiltered tap water?

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Tap water in Germany is basically clean. However, this is unfortunately one of the few exceptions in the world - blanket safety in terms of drinking water is desirable, but unfortunately not realistic. That said, there is a lot of additional knowledge we want to provide you with. It is a fact that regulations on drinking water purity and water treatment are strictly monitored. However, due to various circumstances such as extensive agriculture, proximity to factories and roads, as well as acid rain, substances above the limit values for water, as well as substances that are not subject to any regulations at all but are questionable, repeatedly enter our pipes. Careful households should therefore take action themselves to ensure the plus in health that we all desire.

Easily soluble substances such as glyphosate residues, nitrates or tiny elements from microplastics nestle in the often outdated pipe systems and contaminate our water. This happens even though, from the standpoint of the waterworks, the pollutant limits have been observed. Incidentally, it also happens often enough in parts of the world that controls are not carried out properly or are carried out far too late. As if that were not enough, low economic power, unrest or prolonged financial structural weakness often ensure that people lack precisely what is most urgently needed first: There is a lack of hygienic basics in everyday life. As a result, you sometimes let more toxic and questionable things into your body than you might be aware of and like.

For this purpose, a filter made of a combination of mineral mix, activated carbon insert & ultra-fine micro-membrane serves as additional protection. It allows the water to pass through several layers and thus acts as a natural catchment station for residues and small substances that are harmful to health: it acts as an attachable barrier to ensure that nothing enters your body that you do not explicitly want to be there. Health concerns us all, and a balanced mineral and fluid balance is one of the most important things for every body. With a high-quality drinking water filter, you no longer leave pollutant limits to chance, but show the pollutants limits by themselves!

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