Differences between CLASSIC, CDSplus & CDSpure

There are 3 stages of development of chlorine dioxide products.

1st stage:

The first stage with one bottle of 25% sodium chlorite and one bottle of 4% HCl activator solution corresponds to our CLASSIC. Here you can activate only the desired amount drop by drop and always get a fresh chlorine dioxide solution. However, this solution is pH acidic.

2nd stage:

The second stage is the ready-to-use CDS/CDL solutions after the distillation process. These are pH-neutral, but also have a limited storage and shelf life. Because of the constantly falling concentration, one has to dose higher and higher, this is very impractical. 

For this reason we have developed our unique CDSpure. It has an unrefrigerated shelf life of up to 5 years, even though it is already activated - at the same time it is highly pure & nano-filtered, thus combining all the long-sought solutions to the previous CDS/CDL ready-to-use solution dilemma.

3rd Stage:

The third stage corresponds to our patented CDSplus. Here you have the combination of the advantages of both previous stages. In the non-activated state, CDSplus has a shelf life of years. One then activates a whole bottle of CDSplus with the activator tablet when needed, and this solution has a shelf life of 6-9 months when stored in the refrigerator. The CDSplus also produces a pH neutral chlorine dioxide solution and is the only product on the market that is also 100% chlorine free after activation. This leads to a much better tolerance.

ATTENTION: There are some very similar sounding products from other market players, but they do not have the same properties as the original: our AQUARIUS pro life brand CDSplus. You need much more CDSplus than CLASSIC for the same amount of water. In hot countries with limited cooling possibilities, the MMS CLASSIC may be preferable.