Questions about our MMS water filter - ppm conductance

Which is the conductivity of the water after filtering?

Such and similar questions keep coming back to our MMS water filter. According to the latest findings, the ppm value or the conductivity plays virtually no role in the assessment of drinking water quality. Also not in the alternative area. These ppm conductance gauges were for a time used as a marketing tool by some vendors. However, this is an inadmissible simplification. It only measures the number of ionized particles in the water, but not how many of them. But whether sodium or toxic arsenic makes a difference to the body.

Our filter gets almost everything out of the water, which does not belong in it (see lab values). But it leaves, e.g. the minerals in the water. These minerals are not primarily used to compensate for a deficiency in the body because they are hard to absorb inorganic minerals. Rather, these minerals serve to regulate the biochemical properties of the water and its pH so that it is cell-compatible and bioavailable. The purest H20 would be far too aggressive for our body cells.

An example:
We need oxygen O2 to live. But we can not constantly breathe 100% pure oxygen, then we would very quickly burn inside. Therefore, our breathing air is enriched with more than 70% nitrogen, although nitrogen does not play any role in the gas exchange in our body. But he makes the air for us milder and thus biocompatible.

That's the situation with H20. Technically purest H20 is not equal to good drinking water. It does not happen that way in nature. Here, the inorganic minerals seem to make the more chemically aggressive and pH-acidic water biocompatible. So it is important to get only the pollutants out of the water NOT all substances! Our filter was measured by 2 German well-known laboratories with very good filtering performance.

Moreover, according to recent alternative findings, the structure of the water is rather important for living things. Due to our second filter stage of the high-quality carbon filter, the water has to meander very quickly and through many micro-turbulences, just like in nature. This seems to revitalize, energize and erase old water. These properties have been independently confirmed by several alternative working bodies.

Incidentally, the human body recognizes very well the taste, which is good for him and what is not. Spoiled foods are quickly recognized by the taste and smell and rejected. What we do well, on the other hand, tastes particularly delicious. Our filtered water regularly gets top marks for its pure and fresh taste. Please also read the honest reports of our satisfied customers on the product page.