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"The principle of all things is water: everything is made of water and everything returns to the water. (Thales of Miletus)

Water is life! ... and love is the answer!

Water is our No.1 food. Without clean drinking water, life and biodiversity on this planet would never have been created. Unfortunately today it is a bitter reality that our drinking water contains residues of over 50,000 different substances. The biological effects of these substances are largely unknown. Unfortunately, there are limits to only a handful of these residues and even fewer laws. Fabrics such as e.g. Chlorine, pesticides, drug residues, hormones, microplastics, aluminum or glyphosate are extremely harmful to humans and animals in the long term. In addition, your drinking water on the way from your local municipal utilities to your faucet will be additionally contaminated with pollutants from the old pipelines (including lead, asbestos, chrome & rust) and germs such as water. Fungal spores, bacteria or parasites contaminated.

Our goal:

With our AQUARIUS pro life products, we offer every health-conscious person a simple and safe alternative for clean, pure and above all affordable drinking water. This applies both to our MQL water filter for the kitchen and our products for mobile drinking water treatment. We always use only the best possible quality in the market. All our drinking water products are vegan and therefore free from animal products. Our DMSO and the Activator HCl from our CLASSIC set even comply with the purity of the European Pharmacopoeia Ph. Eur. Also, our zeolite and bentonite in our GAIAgold products is in premium pharmaceutical quality.

Urs Surbeck, the leading Swiss drinking water expert, explicitly recommends our MQL drinking water filter. Even in demanding applications with significantly lower water quality - as in Lima, Peru - our drinking water system is a bestseller!

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