Now with improved recipe!

- improved shelf life of the activation tablet

- thereby improved durability of the entire product in the non-activated state

- greater temperature range for activation

- faster activation (90% in 4 hours, 100% in 24 hours)

- improved stability of the activated solution

Our CDSplus continues to have the following unique selling points worldwide:

- pH-neutral and 100% chlorine-free immediately after activation and thus optimal compatibility

- Always close to 3,000 ppm concentration of chlorine dioxide in the freshly activated solution

 - Our patented CDSplus exclusively from AQUARIUS pro life!


Please activate the new CDSplus-100ml only with the new supplied tablet.

The new CDSplus-250ml now comes with 3 smaller tabs to activate in the bag. Please always throw all 3 tabs into the CDSplus-250ml bottle for activation. Partial activations do not lead to the desired result!

Please do not mix bottle and tablet of the old and new version of CDSplus!