AQUARIUS pro life: Quality & Love for the detail

The Problem

Water is our No.1 food. Without clean drinking water, life and biodiversity would probably never have arisen on this planet. Unfortunately, it is now a bitter reality that our drinking water contains residues of over 50,000 different substances. The biological effects of these substances are, for the most part, unknown. Unfortunately, there are limit values for only a handful of these residues and legal regulations for even fewer.

Our Solution

With our AQUARIUS pro life products we offer every health-conscious person a simple and safe alternative for clean, pure and above all affordable drinking water. This applies to our MMS water filter for the kitchen as well as to our products for mobile drinking water treatment. In doing so, we always use only the best possible quality on the market. 

The Original

For almost 10 years, our customers have relied on the quality and our expertise that testifies to our love for detail from development to the finished product.

Over 30,000 satisfied customers can rely on our customer service at all times.


Almost all of our products are biodegradable. For our packaging and flyers we use raw materials from sustainable forestry (FSC), which we have printed climate neutrally. Our HDPE plastic bottles are unmixed and can be recycled without any problems.

Your trust is our drive!

In order to create trust, a variety of things are required, starting with the adherence to quality promises, through standardized & monitored production processes, to the constant further development and improvement of all products, processes and our service. 

That's why we have had the majority of our products tested and confirmed by TÜV Rheinland for EU conformity, and that's also why we have all our HDPE bottles and all packaging, large and small, manufactured exclusively for us in Germany.

We always use the best quality raw materials available on the market for all our Chlorine Dioxide products as well as for our DMSO & GAIAgold and ship safely packed with DHL & the German Post out of our German warehouse to you!

All our drinking water products are vegan. Our DMSO and activator HCl from our CLASSIC set comply with the purity according to the European Pharmacopoeia Ph. Eur. Also our Zeolite & Bentonite in our GAIAgold products are in pharmaceutical premium quality.

Our CDSplus, DMSO, CLASSIC as well as our GAIAgold have been tested & confirmed for European conformity by TÜV-Rheinland. All raw materials are purchased only from reputable & state-certified companies and are subject to regular controls there.

All our products do not contain any dissolved plastics or micro particles. Our HDPE bottles do not combine with the CDSplus or DMSO and are not decomposed by them.

All drinking water products as well as our DMSO & GAIAgold are exclusively produced & bottled in Germany, as the production processes meet the highest standards. Our products are also stored & shipped in and from Germany.