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If you have any questions or problems, please use our contact form or send us an email. We are available 7 days a week and will respond quickly by email (no telephone support!).

General product information:

Fields of application
For legal reasons, we can only provide information on the legally approved areas of application for our products. We ask for your understanding. You can also download a product information sheet for each product.
- Activate and use our water disinfection products only in well ventilated rooms.
- MMS CLASSIC and CDSplus consist of two components
- Never use one component alone!
- Never swallow the activation tablet!
- Please keep all products out of the reach of children!

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Your email address is not spelled correctly. You will not receive any confirmation or other emails about your order. Please contact us immediately! Nevertheless, we can deliver paid orders.

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Your email inbox is full. You can write to us, but our replies never reach you. You think we don't reply, but our messages are always rejected by your email server. Send yourself an email and test if it arrives in your inbox. Empty your inbox if necessary.

SPAM filter

Our emails end up in your SPAM folder. Please check your email inbox AND your SPAM folder, especially after placing an order. As a precaution, you can add our email addresses, and to your contact list. In this way, you can avoid having your SPAM filter block our messages to you in the future.

Other issues

Close all unnecessary programmes on your PC, tablet or smartphone. If necessary, restart the device and delete the browser cache. Then it usually works again with the order.


Problems with the order/payment options?

First, please clear your browser cache and close all unnecessary programmes/apps and restart your device. Then please try to order again. If you have an error with the online payment functions, you can always choose PREPAYMENT/BANKWIRE as an alternative. This payment method always works.

Emergency order by email

If the problems persist, you can always order by email. Please give us the following data:

- the number of articles

- the articles and, if applicable, the bottle size

- Your complete delivery address

We will then create the order for you manually and send you an order confirmation. Let us know when you have transferred the money and we will ship immediately.

Payment process


In rare cases, payment with iDEAL may be cancelled due to the system. Therefore, please always check whether you have received a confirmation email for your order. Please also check your SPAM folder. If you do not find an email from us, please contact us so that we can create your order manually.

Credit card payment

In rare cases, payment with a credit card may be interrupted due to the system. This may be due to the new 3D-Secure procedure of your credit card provider. If your payment process is not successful, you will return to the shopping cart. In this case, NO order has been created yet. Therefore, please always check whether you have received a confirmation email for your order. Please also check your SPAM folder. If you do not find an email from us, please contact us so that we can create your order manually.

Prepayment orders

With most payment methods, you can pay online right away. Your order will then be shipped the next working day. With the payment method "Prepayment", your order will only be activated after receipt of payment. After approx. 30 days, unpaid orders are automatically deleted. So you don't have to do anything in case of a wrong order.

ATTENTION: Some German banks have recently switched off SEPA transfers to other EU countries by default. Please ask your bank to activate these SEPA transfers for your account in the future. 

If your payment is not successful, you will be returned to the shopping cart. In this case NO order has been created yet. Then go to the checkout again and choose prepayment.


General information

Paid orders are always handed over to our shipping department at 9:00 am (CET) in the morning and shipped on the same or at the latest the next working day. We ship with DHL and Deutsche Post for all countries. After shipping, we send a tracking link by email in the afternoon from 17:30. Please check the status of your shipment regularly!

Delivery on the desired date

Unfortunately, we cannot accept paid orders and send them at a later date. However, you can create an order with the payment method "prepayment" and pay later. This way you can control your desired date (e.g. after your holiday) yourself.

Shipping problems

Most delivery problems arise because the delivery address has not been filled in or has not been filled in completely. The recipient's name must be correctly displayed on the doorbell, letterbox and front door. The delivery address should be able to be found in Google Maps.

Specification of the telephone number

It is not mandatory to include your phone number in the delivery address, but it can be helpful for the delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot influence whether the parcel service calls you before delivery.

Delivery to DHL packing stations (Germany only)

We also deliver to DHL packing stations within Germany. Please enter the packing station number and your postal number in the delivery address.

Delivery time

You can find the regular delivery times HERE. We will send you an email with a tracking link for each order, please check the status regularly. 

Customs clearance can delay the delivery time up to 4 weeks or more.