Copper mug - flower of life (300ml)
Copper mug - flower of life (300ml)
Copper mug - flower of life (300ml)
Copper mug - flower of life (300ml)

Copper mug - flower of life (300ml)


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 For non-carbonated drinking water only!
 Hand-polished copper mug
 timeless design
 with fine laser engraving on the base (outside)
 99.7% food-safe copper

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Ayurvedic copper vessels

According to Ayurvedic beliefs, regular consumption of water from copper vessels can detoxify the body and promote dosha balance. Copper is also known for its antimicrobial properties. It safely eliminates bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Keeping water in a copper vessel can improve water quality. Some studies suggest that the use of copper vessels is linked to antioxidant properties that could improve overall health. Some studies have shown that copper ions released from copper vessels can remove certain compounds in the water, which could lead to improved water quality. The possibility of positively influencing the flavour of water, which of course can encourage us humans to drink enough water each day, is another benefit of using copper vessels. Last but not least, they are highly valued by many people around the world for their attractive appearance and are often used as decorative elements as well as in everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the flavour of refreshing, vibrant and velvety-soft drinking water now!

Can I also store chlorine dioxide solutions or DMSO in my copper container?

No, we strongly advise against this, as copper can react chemically with these liquids!

What types of water can I use in my copper vessel?

Copper bottles and cups are only suitable for non-carbonated (i.e. still) water. You can use any type of still water, be it filtered water, bottled water or tap water. However, please avoid sparkling water, acidic drinks, soft drinks such as cola or additives such as mint leaves and lemon slices at all costs!

Can I use hot liquids, tea or coffee in my copper pot?

Copper reacts negatively to the acidity of drinks such as tea or coffee. In addition, copper is a conductive and soft metal that can heat up quickly and possibly deform when exposed to heat. Therefore, only use the copper containers for non-carbonated (still) water, chilled or at room temperature. With hot water, make sure that it does not boil!

Can I use juices, milk or fruit in my copper jug?

The use of copper containers is only intended for non-carbonated (still) water. Acids (with a pH value of less than 7) or milk-based liquids can react with copper. If you want to flavour your water, please add the flavours after the copper water has been poured into another container.

Can I perceive the flavour of the copper in the water?

You will probably only experience the refreshing, soft and silky flavour of pure water with the subsequent desire to drink more. Over the months, however, you may notice a hint of copper flavour due to a slight patina forming on the inside of the bottle. In this case, it is advisable to gently clean the container according to the cleaning and care instructions.

How long do I have to keep the water in my copper bottle to optimise the effect?

To reap the full benefits of copper, Ayurveda recommends filling the bottle the evening before and drinking a cup the next morning to optimally cleanse and detoxify the body. Of course, the water can also be drunk straight from the copper vessels.

Is the material used food-safe and harmless?

Our copper containers are made from 99.7% pure food-safe copper, free from heavy metals and aluminium. The exterior of the bottles and cups is coated with a food-safe lacquer. This is a protective coating that prevents clouding and discolouration (e.g. fingerprints) and makes the bottles and cups shine. On the inside, the bottles and cups are kept completely raw, untreated and uncoated.

Cleaning and care instructions for copper pots:

The first cleaning is carried out under running water at the beginning and later as required. Please do not use washing-up liquid, soap or the dishwasher! The surface is sensitive to scratches. Only clean with a soft sponge or by hand. If you want to clean a patina, simply put a tablespoon of citric acid powder in a container and fill it up completely with warm water. Leave it for five minutes and then rinse it out with water. Another option is the juice of half a lemon with a tablespoon of table salt. Please only use the lemon for cleaning as the copper will react with it.

Note: It is important to note that people with certain health problems or allergies should be careful when using copper vessels.

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