CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml
CDSpure 500ml

CDSpure 500ml

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CDSpure® - The original only from AQUARIUS pro life. 


 Ready-to-use CDS solution with 2,990ppm - no activation necessary!
 CDSpure® is highly pure & nano-filtered
 manufactured according to a new patent-pending process
 made only from double demineralized water and chlorine dioxide produced in Germany!
 NEW: Minimal gas loss even after 2 years of unrefrigerated storage.
 pH-neutral in use & absolutely chlorine-free
 contains no silver ions, nanoparticles or other residues
highly effective in combating bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms, germs such as Legionella

Product Details


CDSpure® - the latest generation of mobile chlorine dioxide products!

Our CDSpure® is a highly pure, nano-filtered and ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution with 2,990ppm (approx. 0.299%). As a biocide, it is used for highly effective control of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms and other pathogenic germs such as the dangerous legionella.

It is ready for immediate use and requires no on-site activation. We are eliminating the well-known problems that many consumers have had with conventional CDS/CDL ready-to-use solutions.

Storage, shelf life, dwindling chlorine dioxide content and quality have been the main problems. Our CDSpure® is the solution to all these problems because it combines our expertise from over 10 years of experience in the field of chlorine dioxide with a special newly developed and patent-pending manufacturing technique made in Germany.

This new manufacturing technique combines the advantages of the previous distillation and electrolysis processes and is the only one on the market to guarantee that the finished solution is absolutely free of chlorine. This is the decisive advantage for good compatibility of CDS/CDL solutions.

An optimised bottle-lid combination in combination with our special filling technology ensure a minimum gas loss of less than 2% (<60 ppm) even after 2 years of unrefrigerated storage!  In addition, our new double-walled thermopack packaging protects the bottle from extreme shocks and strong temperature fluctuations.

As a limited special edition, our CDSpure® is temporarily available in our beautiful aquamarine lacquered glass bottle.

As always, the original is only available from AQUARIUS pro life.

Your advantages with CDSpure®:

  • is highly pure & nano-filtered and therefore residue-free!
  • best compatibility as 100% chlorine-free
  • Currently at least 2 years non-refrigerated shelf life!
  • can be stored & transported permanently without a refrigerator!
  • always has 2,990ppm chlorine dioxide content
  • is perfect for travel, outdoor or preventive care!
  • New and shockproof thermopack packaging
  • The original, only from AQUARIUS pro life

Your disadvantages with other ready-made solutions:

  • is often contaminated or contains chemical residues
  • No statements about the content of pure chlorine
  • Often has a shelf life of only 3-6 months
  • Must be stored permanently in the refrigerator
  • usually loses strength & concentration quickly
  • is impractical for travel, outdoor or precautionary use

500 ml double demineralised water + chlorine dioxide. 

(2.99g/l corresponds to approx. 0.299%/l corresponds to approx. 2990ppm), CAS No: 10049-04-4, EC No: 233-162-8. Premium quality according to DIN EN 12671, approved according to TrinkwV 2011, DVGW W291 and TRSK501 (Germany). Taric: 28121990

(DE: BAuA Reg.No. N84156)


Our CDSpure® does not need to be activated - it is a ready-to-use CDS/CDL solution.

With a 500 ml bottle you can either disinfect 2,500 - 30,000 litres (20 min. contact time) of tap water or carry out shock disinfection and algae removal for containers up to 250 litres (6-12 hours contact time).

Storage and shelf life:

Store in a cool place but not in the refrigerator, under lock and key and out of reach of children! 

Protect bottle from light! 

CDSpure® the only highly pure ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution that can be stored unrefrigerated for at least 2 years.

Place in the refrigerator for a few hours before first use. After opening the bottle, always keep it well closed in the refrigerator. Then a shelf life of 9 months and longer is guaranteed. Otherwise, the shelf life depends primarily on the temperature and the frequency of use.

Areas of application:

Mobile drinking water treatment, e.g. for caravans, yachts/boats, travel, hotels, outdoors and hiking.

In addition to drinking water, it can be used to thoroughly clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom such as refrigerators, cutting boards, toothbrushes, drinking bottles, humidifiers, laundry, but also meat, fruit and vegetables (e.g. against hepatitis A, MRSA, EHEC, anthrax, Escherichia coli).

Animal lovers thus have a reliable means of disinfecting cages, stalls, drinking water and also feeding places with CDSpure®.

Efficacy and approval:

Up to 99.9999% effectiveness confirmed by Robert Koch Institute (effect classes A-D). 

CDSpure® is approved for drinking water treatment, general disinfection in the private sector, for hygiene in the veterinary sector, the food and feed sector.

(DE: BAuA Reg.No. N84156)

Environmental protection:

CDSpure® is biodegradable. 
The raw materials for our environmentally friendly packaging are from sustainable forestry (FSC) and printed in a climate-neutral way.

The product information sheet has been integrated into the multilingual fold-out label. Further product information can be accessed online via the QR code on the bottle. 

Our glass bottles should be recycled.

Important notice:

- The product unit is NOT a dangerous good in the sense of the GGVS.

- The product unit is NOT a hazardous substance in the sense of the EC directives.

Dosage (500ml)

*Water tank cleaning

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

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