MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set
MMS-Water-Filter complete set

MMS-Water-Filter complete set


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Our powerful drinking water filter for the household

 HIGHEST WATER QUALITY - thanks to the innovative 3-stage filter system - for the best possible price-performance ratio!
 EASY TO USE - the pre-assembled, ready-to-connect complete system is quickly and safely installed even without specialist knowledge!
✓ LABORATORY TESTED & SAFE - independently tested by 2 German laboratories, premium filter performance: filters pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones, heavy metals & microplastics, among others.
✓ HIGH PERFORMANCE & DURABLE - flow rate of up to 5 litres/minute & up to 11,200 litres or up to 12 months service life - this is more than double the performance of other cartridges on the market.
 THE PURE TASTE - secure purified, tasty and soothing water for you and your family now for a better way of life!

Product Details

How safe is your drinking water from the tap?


Although residues of more than 50,000 substances can be found in our drinking water, there are so far recognised test procedures and limit values for only a handful of these substances, some of which are harmful to health, and there are any legal regulations for even fewer.

Sewage treatment plants cannot remove all of these pollutants. Pesticides, nitrates or drug residues are usually not filtered at all. Instead, the treated water is diluted with spring water until it falls below the limit values.

Is that really healthy?

But even if the water suppliers were to feed clean and germ-free water into the municipal mains, it flows to you through very outdated and often contaminated, rusty or lead-containing pipes.


You alone are responsible for clean drinking water and thus the primary protection of your family! 

A filter directly in front of the tapping point in the kitchen works best!

(conductance, pH value, lime, mineral content, etc.)

TARGET: The purest Drinking water from the tap

Possible solutions on the market: 

Water distillers produce largely clean drinking water. However, it takes 4-5 hours and a lot of electricity and noise for 5 litres of purified water. In addition, these devices also require extensive decalcification.

Reverse osmosis filters remove almost everything from the water. Unfortunately and primarily also the important minerals. However, humans, animals and plants are electrical beings and need current-conducting, i.e. mineralised water for cell communication. A very low conductance value actually only means that this water is pH-acidic, chemically aggressive and not particularly bioavailable.

Passive filters, on the other hand, work according to nature's principle and have a filter stage made of sediment (sand or salts) or an activated carbon stage. Mostly, one- or two-stage filters are offered with a pore size of up to 5 microns. The pitcher filter tends to become germy and must therefore be changed every month at the latest. In addition, all such filters with loose activated carbon fill have the disadvantage that the water seeks the quickest and easiest path and thus has little contact with the activated carbon. Here, pressed activated carbon blocks are clearly more effective.


Our popular MMS Water Filter combines just those aspects mentioned above in a single affordable filter system - the MMS Water Filter from AQUARIUS pro life.

This 3-stage premium filter is vegan and Made in Germany, in line with our quality philosophy. It combines a sintered activated carbon block with a mineral mix stage and a membrane filter stage with a pore size of only 0.1 micron (=100 nanometres). This makes the filter up to 50 times more thorough than conventional filters with 5 micron pore size. In addition, our system safely filters chlorine and chlorine compounds (CFCs), organic compounds such as pesticides and pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances, odours, discolouration, metals and heavy metals (e.g. lead, iron and copper) from the water.

It can also largely remove micro plastic beads, aluminium (geoengineering) as well as glyphosate and glyfosinate, which unfortunately have also been found in drinking water recently. The Micro Membrane System (MMS), with its filtration in the nanometre range, also enables effective removal (99.9999%) of bacteria, fungi and parasites and makes the water microbiologically pure. At the same time, our filter still leaves all healthy and important minerals in the water.

Water is life - and our most important food.

Make sure that you have deep-purified drinking water straight from your tap!

Our MMS-Water-Filter explained in detail

Your benefits

  • no electricity costs
  • no time-consuming descaling
  • no chemicals
  • no waste water as e.g. with reverse osmosis systems
  • absolutely cost-saving: 1 litre of filtered water costs only 1 cent
  • 100% vegan (contains no animal products)
  • no more unpleasant smell
  • no more metallic taste
  • no more tedious lugging of crates
  • no deposit bottle tourism 
  • environmentally friendly, since less CO² is produced for transport
  • avoidance of plastic waste mountains

Our innovative 3-step system

Stage I: Anti-germ activator

First, the water passes through a food-safe mineral mix, which changes the structure of the water through ion exchange so that the subsequent filter stage can filter out e.g. heavy metals even better. In addition, a very effective pre-filtration takes place here.

Stage II: Activated carbon block

The filter material of the second stage consists of activated carbon made from coconut shells. While many activated carbon filters use a loose fill, we use an extremely compacted pressing! This is the only way to achieve the enormously broadband filter effect, with a simultaneous high water flow of approx. 4.5 - 5 litres per minute. In addition, we increase the effective surface enormously.

This activated carbon block has 3 mechanisms of action:

1. sieving effect - the very fine pores (0.3 micron) filter out substances such as sand, rust, asbestos fibres, suspended particles as well as bacteria and single-cell parasites from the water!

2. adsorption effect - the so-called Van-der-Waals forces bind substances such as lead, copper, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides to the activated carbon by atomic forces!

3. catalyst effect - this means that the activated carbon promotes chemical transformation processes without being consumed itself. For example, dangerous chlorine compounds are removed from the water!

Stage III: Micro Membrane System

Our innovative Micro Membrane System (MMS) with a pore size of only 0.1 micron (=100 nanometres) forms the third and most thorough filter stage. Hardly any other filter in this price range filters in the nanometre range has such a fine pore size. Here, all suspended particles and the smallest bacteria, fungi and parasites are safely retained. The performance and quality of our drinking water filter system has been tested and confirmed by 2 independent German laboratories!

Field of application:

The MMS-Water-Filter may only be operated on a municipal drinking water pipe (cold water pipe) and not on a private well.

Our system must NOT be connected or operated outside / outside the house, as the loads on the filter from the weather can cause irreparable damage!

It may only be operated at normal domestic water pressure of 3-5 bar and not on low pressure pipes or hot water pipes.

It should be installed in the kitchen under the sink (upright or lying down) or under other sinks in the house.

Basically, no additional tap is needed for the drinking water. Alternatively, however, it can be connected to a separate water tap (not included in the scope of delivery).

Scope of delivery:

1x filter cartridge sealed
1x pre-mounted filter head with wall bracket
2x hose with backflow preventer
1x multilingual installation instructions with installation template
1x set of screws for wall bracket

Environmentally friendly:

The MMS-Water-Filter is very environmentally friendly from several points of view. It consumes no electricity, requires no chemicals, produces no waste water like reverse osmosis systems and requires no costly descaling. In addition, the more than double capacity, compared to conventional filters on the market, results in more than 50% less waste as well as less transport costs and exhaust fumes per year.

The activated carbon block is made exclusively from coconut shells, a renewable raw material.

Technical data & installation dimensions

Min. flow rate: 4.5 l /min at 7 bar (with new cartridge)
Max. Pressure: 8.0 bar
Temperature: min. 3 °C - max. 38 °C
Filter capacity: 11,200 litres or max. 1 year (whichever comes first)
Cartridge: anti-germ activator, sintered activated carbon block 0.3μm micro-membrane system 0.1μm
Connection: 3/8
Filter head: 3/8" with wall bracket, 2x 50cm hoses (3/8"), with backflow preventer.
Installation dimensions of the complete set: 390mm x 95mm x 95mm (vertical or horizontal installation possible)

TARIC-No 84212100

Important notice:


EU Regulation 10/2011, European Directive 98/83/CE, DM 25/2012, DVGW (W543), KTW-A, W270. Our filter fully complies with the EU specifications for materials that come into contact with food and drinking water.

Attention: The MMS-Water-filter requires regular periodic maintenance! To ensure consistent drinking water quality, the filter cartridge should be changed every 12 months or after 11,200 litres. The indicated performance and capacity depends on the respective water quality and the local water pressure and may vary. When the flow rate has decreased considerably, the end of the filter capacity has been reached and a change of the cartridge is necessary. The old cartridge can be disposed of in the household waste. Changes and errors excepted.


Installation is simple and quick. Nevertheless, for insurance reasons, we recommend initial installation by a craftsman or specialist! The manufacturer is not liable for damage and consequential damage resulting from improper installation or modification! The annual filter changes can then be carried out without a specialist.

ATTENTION: The triangles on top of the filter head indicate the water flow direction. The filter can be damaged if this is not observed!

Please have a look at our product video!

Important customer information

The water filter is a hygiene product and cannot be returned after unsealing or installation! If you have any questions about installation, please contact our email support BEFOREhand!

Assembly instructions

Changing the cartridge

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