MMS-Water-Filter Replacement filter cartridge
MMS-Water-Filter Replacement filter cartridge
MMS-Water-Filter Replacement filter cartridge
MMS-Water-Filter Replacement filter cartridge

MMS-Water-Filter Replacement filter cartridge


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Our high-performance replacement cartridge for the MMS water filter

 innovative 3-stage filter system

 best possible price-performance ratio

 easy installation due to pre-assembled, ready-to-connect complete system

 2-fold laboratory-tested - safely filters pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones, heavy metals & microplastics, among others
 Powerful & long-lasting up to 12 months service life

 Highest water quality and pure vitalising taste
 Secure purified, deliciously tasty drinking water for you and your family now for a better attitude to life!

Product Details


Attention: Here you order only one filter replacement cartridge - NOT a complete set!

(conductance, pH value, lime, mineral content, etc.)

Your benefits

  • no electricity costs
  • no time-consuming descaling
  • no chemicals
  • no waste water as e.g. with reverse osmosis systems
  • absolutely cost-saving: 1 litre of filtered water costs only 1 cent
  • 100% vegan (contains no animal products)
  • no more unpleasant smell
  • no more metallic taste
  • no more tedious lugging of crates
  • no deposit bottle tourism 
  • environmentally friendly, since less CO² is produced for transport
  • avoidance of plastic waste mountains

Our innovative 3-step system

Stage I: Anti-germ activator

First, the water passes through a food-safe mineral mix, which changes the structure of the water through ion exchange so that the subsequent filter stage can filter out e.g. heavy metals even better. In addition, a very effective pre-filtration takes place here.

Stage II: Activated carbon block

The filter material of the second stage consists of activated carbon made from coconut shells. While many activated carbon filters use a loose fill, we use an extremely compacted pressing! This is the only way to achieve the enormously broadband filter effect, with a simultaneous high water flow of approx. 4.5 - 5 litres per minute. In addition, we increase the effective surface enormously.

This activated carbon block has 3 mechanisms of action:

1. sieving effect - the very fine pores (0.3 micron) filter out substances such as sand, rust, asbestos fibres, suspended particles as well as bacteria and single-cell parasites from the water!

2. adsorption effect - the so-called Van-der-Waals forces bind substances such as lead, copper, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides to the activated carbon by atomic forces!

3. catalyst effect - this means that the activated carbon promotes chemical transformation processes without being consumed itself. For example, dangerous chlorine compounds are removed from the water!

Stage III: Micro Membrane System

Our innovative Micro Membrane System (MMS) with a pore size of only 0.1 micron (=100 nanometres) forms the third and most thorough filter stage. Hardly any other filter in this price range filters in the nanometre range has such a fine pore size. Here, all suspended particles and the smallest bacteria, fungi and parasites are safely retained. The performance and quality of our drinking water filter system has been tested and confirmed by 2 independent German laboratories!

Important customer information

The water filter cartridge is a hygiene product and cannot be returned after unsealing or installation! If you have any questions about installation, please contact our email support BEFOREhand!


1x filter cartridge sealed

Environmentally friendly:

The MMS Water Filter is very environmentally friendly from several points of view. It consumes no electricity, requires no chemicals, produces no waste water like reverse osmosis systems and requires no costly descaling. In addition, the more than double capacity, compared to conventional filters on the market, results in more than 50% less waste as well as less transport costs and exhaust fumes per year.

The activated carbon block is made exclusively from coconut shells, a renewable raw material.

Technical data & installation dimensions

Min. flow rate: 4.5 l /min at 7 bar (with new cartridge)
Max. Pressure: 8.0 bar
Temperature: min. 3 °C - max. 38 °C
Filter capacity: 11,200 litres or max. 1 year (whichever comes first)
Cartridge: anti-germ activator, sintered activated carbon block 0.3μm micro-membrane system 0.1μm
Connection: 3/8
Installation dimensions of the complete set: 390mm x 95mm x 95mm (standing or lying possible).

TARIC-No 84212100

Important notice:


EU Regulation 10/2011, European Directive 98/83/CE, DM 25/2012, DVGW (W543), KTW-A, W270. Our filter fully complies with the EU specifications for materials that come into contact with food and drinking water.

Attention: The MMS Water filter requires regular periodic maintenance! To ensure consistent drinking water quality, the filter cartridge should be changed every 12 months or after 11,200 litres. The indicated performance and capacity depends on the respective water quality and the local water pressure and may vary. When the flow rate has decreased considerably, the end of the filter capacity has been reached and a change of the cartridge is necessary. The old cartridge can be disposed of in the household waste. Changes and errors excepted.


The annual filter changes can be carried out without a specialist.

ATTENTION: The triangles on top of the filter head indicate the water flow direction. The filter can be damaged if this is not observed!

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