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    MMS Waterfilter - Filter head, pre-assembled


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    Our powerful drinking water filter for the household (replacement cartridge)

    • HIGHEST WATER QUALITY ✓ Thanks to the innovative 3-stage filter system: Stage I: Anti-germ activator - Stage II: Activated carbon block - Stage III: Micro-membrane system - for the best possible quality at a top price!
    • SIMPLE HANDLING ✓ The pre-assembled, ready-to-connect complete system is quickly and safely installed even without specialist knowledge - see our installation video!
    • LABORATORY-TESTED & SAFE ✓ Filter performance tested independently of 2 German laboratories. Filters pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones, metals & heavy metals (e.g., lead, iron & copper), micro-plastic beads, aluminum, and glyphosate & glyfosinate
    • POWERFUL & LONG-LASTING ✓ Flow capacity of up to 4.5 liters / minute & up to 11,200 liters or up to 12 months service life (whichever comes first) - more than twice the performance of other commercially available cartridges
    • THE PURE TASTE ✓ now secure your and your family's purified, tasty and soothing water for a better lifestyle!


    Attention: Here you order only a pre-assembled filter head - NO complete set!

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    1x preassembled filter head 3/8 "with wall bracket, 2x 50cm hoses (3/8"), with backflow preventer and installation instructions

    Technical specifications:

    Max. Flow: 4.5 l / min at 7 bar (with new cartridge)
    Max. Pressure: 8,0 bar
    Temperature: min. 3 ° C - max. 38 ° C
    Filter capacity: 11,200 liters or max. 1 year (which comes first)
    Cartridge: Anti-germ activator, sintered activated carbon block 0.3μm micro-membrane system 0.1μm
    Connection: 3/8 "

    Installation dimensions of the complete set: 390mm x 95mm x 95mm


    EU Regulation 10/2011, European Directive 98/83 / CE, DM 25/2012, DVGW (W543), KTW-A, W270. Our filter complies fully with EU regulations for materials that come into contact with food and drinking water.

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