Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)
Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)
Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)
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Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)
Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)
Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)

Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 300g (informed)


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The brand product of AQUARIUS pro life

 ultra-fine grinding
 extremely enlarged effective surface!
 only tested raw materials of the highest quality.
 Bentonite content in pharmaceutical purity.
 Simple detoxification with optimal elimination properties.
 Exclusively informed and energised
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Product Details


GAIAgold - informed and energised zeolite-bentonite mix 300g in violet glass (Miron)

Zeolite and bentonite are exceptionally valuable gifts from Mother Earth (GAIA) as natural products. Our GAIAgold is a mixture of activated and micronised volcanic zeolite with up to 97% natural clinoptilolite and naturally active, alkaline bentonite (pollutant-tested pharmaceutical quality with over 95% montmorillonite). It combines and mutually reinforces the special properties of both minerals in an ideal way.

Only through ultra-fine grinding (no nanoparticles!) does GAIAgold achieve a very large effective surface and thus optimal detoxification and elimination properties for heavy metals such as lead and mercury, for environmental toxins such as pesticides and fluorine. It can even safely bind radioactive isotopes to itself.

Your advantages with GAIAgold:

  • Detox effect booster thanks to optimal blend
  • with 97% very high natural clinoptilolite content
  • Bentonite in pharmaceutical quality
  • absolutely natural and free from additives
  • Exclusively energetically informed by Institut Scheller
  • Filled light-protected in Miron violet glass bottle
  • The original - only from AQUARIUS pro life

300g informed mineral mix (80% zeolite + 20% bentonite) in Miron violet glass bottle.

Taric: 28421000 + 25081000

Storage and shelf life:

If stored in a cool and dry place, our GAIAgold can be kept unopened for many years! Once opened, use within 12 months.

Areas of application:

Purify and clarify water, e.g. in aquaristics.

Stir 1/2-1 teaspoon of GAIAgold into a glass of water in the morning and evening.


This Detoxx mineral mix is supplied without further additives or admixtures. However, GAIAgold has been additionally infopathically informed and energised. Infopathy according to alternative practitioner Ekkehard Sirian Scheller is about imparting information for holistic self-correction of disturbed and irritated systems. This is one of the new products exclusively licensed for us worldwide by the Institute for Infopathy. 

Environmental protection:

The raw materials for our environmentally friendly packaging and the product information sheet are from sustainable forestry (FSC) and printed climate neutrally. Please put them in the waste paper. Our bottles, the child-proof cap and the label are made of PE material and should be recycled. The glass bottle can be disposed of in the waste glass.

Important notice:
Only use wooden or plastic spoons, NOT metal!

Keep out of reach of children.

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