Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 120g...
Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 120g...
Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 120g...

Zeolith-Bentonite Mix GAIAgold 120g (informed)


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The brand product of AQUARIUS pro life

  • HUGE SURFACE ✓ Due to the ultrafine grinding (no nanoparticles) our GAIAgold has an extremely increased effective surface compared to conventional zeolite powders!
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY ✓ We use only the highest quality materials for all our products. Our GAIAgold is pharmaceutical quality that has been tested for harmful substances by German laboratories. Everything for your safety!
  • DETOXIFICATION ✓ Our GAIAgold for optimal detoxification and diversion properties. The zeolite-bentonite mix is exclusively informed and energized.
  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS & CONTINUOUS SUPPORT - our email support is there for you 365 days a year!
  • Buy our unique GAIAgold now!

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GAIAgold - informed and energized Zeolite-Bentonite mix
120g in violet glass (Miron)

Zeolite and bentonite are as natural products exceptionally valuable gifts from Mother Earth (Gaia). Our GAIAgold is a mixture of volcanic zeolite activated and micronized with up to 97% klinoptilolith and natural active, basic bentonite (tested for harmful substances of pharmaceutical quality with more than 95% montmorillonite). It combines and amplifies mutually the special characteristics of both minerals in an ideal way. Only through the ultrafine grinding (no nanoparticles!) GAIAgold reaches a very large effective surface area and thus optimum detoxification in heavy metals such as Lead and mercury and in environmental toxins such as pesticides and fluorine. It can confidently bind radioactive isotopes.


This detoxx mineral mix is delivered without further additives or admixtures. But GAIAgold was informed and energized in addition with special frequencies of Infopathie. Infopathie was developed by the german Naturopaths Ekkehard Sirian Scheller. The approach is to bring disturbed and irritated systems with an exchange of information to a holistic self-correction. This is one of the new products that have been licensed exclusively worldwide by the Institute for Infopathie for us.

Storage and shelf life:

In cool and dry our GAIAgold is unopened durable for many years! After first opening use within 12 months.


Use only wooden or plastic spoon NO metal!


Cleaning and clarifying water such as in aquatics.
In the morning and in the evening stir 1 / 2-1 teaspoon GAIAgold in a glass of water and drink.


120g informed mineral-mix (80% zeolite + 20% bentonite) in a Miron violet glass bottle

Taric: 28421000 + 25081000

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